Text only reads Leaders, it’s important that we stay connected. We must build our collective. This work can be isolating. Let’s link up in our work towards liberation.

Let’s Collaborate

About Me

I am a speaker, racial equity coach, antiracist professional development leader, and consultant. I am also a father of 3 kids under 6 and a husband to a High School Teacher. Before consulting, I spent 8 years as a school leader and 10 as an educator. My passion is school transformation, using a lens of racial equity. In my hard to find spare time, I like to dabble in hip-hop, fitness, basketball, and travel the world. I also love to write.

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My Intentions

I want to help you engineer for equity. I believe that leaders at every level are the key factor in changing the outcomes for marginalized students. I am passionate about education and social justice.

I want to support you to build a bridge between your commitment to equity and your mission of empowering all students.

I want to connect like-minded individuals to harness our collective strength, learn faster together, and empower our schools. This will connect critical pedagogy, change management, and design thinking. I hope that leadership can be your tool for transforming schools, for the benefit of our children.

People on a truss working together