2023 Conference

Four people looking at the image and text that. says Creating Conscious Curriculum
Quote reads Time to be brave, be bold, and build a collective movement toward racial justice.

Event Details


Our theme is Creating Conscious Curriculum

Join us to get clarity on how to approach assessing, creating, and implementing curriculum that truly supports our students. You will see best practices from presenters, learn about resources, and have opportunities to improve your curriculum.

This event is specifically crafted for teams looking to start or sustain their antiracist work. You can also attend individually. 

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Mark your calendars!
  • When: June 16 & 17, 2023
  • Where: Virtual / Online

This conference will be virtual and delivered through Zoom and includes several apps and platforms. 

We will have several breaks as well as time for mindfulness. The schedule on each day goes from 9:00 am – 3:30 pm Pacific Time.  

Costs for Virtual Access
  • $350 USD per individual 
  • $300 USD per person for teams of 4 or more 
  • $100 USD per person for current clients 
If you are interested in attending our conference, but dealing with political or professional resistance, apply for a scholarship here
In-Person Experience!!

We will have a limited number of space for in-person participants on Saturday June 17th, in Portland, Oregon. The conference venue will be at the College of Education of Portland State University. You can still access virtual content on both days, but in-person participants will have exclusive content only available to them. If your group is interested, please specify in-person or hybrid on our form, or contact us for group rates.
Additional Costs for In-Person
  • $200 per individual ($550 USD total) 
  • $175 per person on teams of 4 or more ($475 USD total) 
  • $200 per person for current clients ($300 USD total) 

Conference Swag

There will be swag, hook ups, and giveaways.

Apply to Present

If you are interested in presenting a workshop, keynote, or other format, submit here.

Contact Us

If you have an questions about group rates, conference details, and or special requests, please email us: info@trussleadership.com


Keynote Speakers

Zaretta Hammond and Joe Truss

Workshop Facilitators and Topics:

Michael Essien
“Student Voice: A method to create curriculum that empowers, engages, and improves outcomes for Black and Brown students”

picture of Dr. Elizabeth Denevi

Dr. Elizabeth Denevi
“Your Curriculum is Already Biased: How You Can Promote Healthy Racial Identity Development”

Dr. Sawsen Jaber
Radical Dreaming: Cultivating Brave Spaces by Design”

José Garcia
Becoming an Identity Conscious Teacher: Examining the Impact of My Proximity to Power, Privilege, and Oppression”

Huynh Nguyen
“Pursuing Social Justice in the Middle School Science Classroom”

Dr. Mindy Chappell

“Leveraging Resources to Explore Local Issues of Environmental Justice in the Science Classroom”

Uma Joshi Garcia
“Resistance Mixtapes: Leveraging Art and Ethnic Studies in Curriculum”

Rachel Lauderdale
“Center Students by Centering Love”

Carolene Joy Cabrera King
“Rile ’em Up: Conscious PBL Curriculum”

Kim Warren, Usha Narra,

Jean Bosco Ntahontuye,
& Jamilya Hankishiyeva
“Using Student-Driven Learning to Support English Language Learners”

Aziza Malik and Aimee Arandia Østensen
“Celebrating Our Roots: Community-Based Learning Through Food Stories”

Sean Arce
“The Demographic and Moral Imperative of Ethnic Studies”

Myrna Muñoz
“The “Just Right” book for the Culturally responsive lesson”


The schedule on each day is from 9:00 am – 3:30 pm Pacific Time. 

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The first 100 people, to register, BEFORE May 30th, will receive a conference swag bag, including some of the following:
T-shirts, books, conference workbook, stickers, journals.

Previous Conference Info

Our previous conferences have featured speakers such as Dr. Bettina Love, Dr. Ibram X Kendi, Dr. Gholdy Muhammad, Curtis Acosta, Resmaa Menakem, and many others. 

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