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Racial Equity Work

Joe Truss, of Truss Leadership has delivered racial equity professional development services, presentations, and keynotes to over 12,000 educators from 10 countries, including the US.

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How are you leading system-wide equity development?
What does antiracist teaching look like?
How can antiracist leadership be a lever for school transformation?


Antiracist Needs Assessment
Aligning Services
Developing Strategic Plans
Scaling Change
Curriculum Audits
Instructional Coaching for Antiracist Outcomes

Antiracist Teaching
1:1 Leadership Coaching
Antiracist Leadership
Racial Affinity Groups
Racial Equity Leadership Team Institute

1 on 1 Leadership Coaching
Team Support/Facilitation, Real-Time Coaching
Antiracist School/Classroom Walkthroughs and Racial Equity Audits

Norms, Accountability, and Culture Shifts
How to Interrupt Racist Remarks
Restoring Community After Harm Has Been Done
Culturally Responsive and Transformational Adult Learning Spaces
Developing Shared Values and Commitment to Justice

What happened when my school started talking about White Supremacy Culture?
10 Racist Things to Stop Doing in Classrooms, 10 Antiracist Things to Start Doing, Tomorrow.
What To Say When Someone Says Something Racist, and What’s Stopping You from Saying It.
Antiracist Beacons of Hope – Where Can We Look To For Signs of Change
From Powerhoarding to Powersharing – Leading for Racial Equity
What I Learned From Leading Culturally Responsive Teaching
Black Excellence – We’re here, We belong here, and We ain’t going no where!

Truss Leadership Trainings – Racial Equity Coaching and Consulting

Gain insight to what Truss Leadership workshops are all about in this short video

Racial Equity and Antiracism Workshop Topics

Graphic of two people holding signs that say Where are you from and You must be good at math. Graphic focuses on microaggressions and racial equity.

Interrupting Microaggressions

Microaggressions are everywhere. The classroom, the office, and on the street. They create small cracks in our psyche, that slowly break us down. Let’s do something about them!

Graphic with images of workshop sessions on left and text on right that supports racial equity work

Racial Affinity Groups in Schools

No, racial affinity groups are not racist. They are an essential strategy for transforming schools and organizations into equity-centered spaces. Join us for our next workshop on April 23rd, so that you can experience first hand what it looks, sounds and feels like to engage in racial affinity work.

Graphic of a boy with racial equity related words displayed around the boy. Title at top reads Anti-Racist Project Based Learning workshop

Antiracist Project Based Learning

We know we need to teach different, but what exactly and how? What does antiracist education look like in practice. Come find out at our next Antiracist Project Based Learning Workshop.