Our racial equity consulting work has been featured in various online platforms, including blogs, websites, and news media outlets.

Joe Truss has written articles and guest blog posts about antiracism, restorative practices, project based learning, and dismantling white supremacy culture.

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Featured Publication on ASCD Educational Leadership

“Leading a District Antiracism Journey”

At San Mateo Union High School District, assistant superintendent Julia Kempkey and equity coaches Shane Safir and Joe Truss faced the hard truth that no single policy, curriculum, or training would be the key to dismantling pervasive systemic inequities. Instead, they embraced the idea of a change “journey”—a nonlinear approach to long-term antiracism work centered around five guiding principles. (read article here)

Racial Equity Publications


ABC 7 Bay Area News Story
w/ David Louie 

Tell Your Story Interview
w/ Todd Nesloney

Character Strong Podcast
w/ Parker Overturf

“Helping Kids Navigate the News” Interview (Newsy)

Video Interviews and Podcasts

You will also find video and podcast interviews about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Featured Interview with Shane and Alcine on Street Data Pod

“Joe talks about growing up in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district in the 80’s, what led him into the classroom, and how he led as a Principal for 6 years. Joe unpacks the difference between bringing a vision and co-constructing a vision with staff, the need to slow it all down, and  power-hoarding. We conclude with the power of racial affinity as a space for differentiation learning and a vehicle for healing, leveraging our differences as our strengths, and understanding the need to co-conspire around shared goals.” (listen the podcast here)

All of the Above Show
w/ Jeff and Manuel

Leading Equity Podcast
w/ Dr. Sheldon Eakins

Have you Heard Podcast
w/ Jennifer Berkshire

Pair of Dimes Podcast
w/ David Truss

Listening Leader Interview     w/Shane Safir


Courageous Leadership
w/Rachel Rosen

Unboxed Podcast
w/ High Tech High

People on a truss working together demonstrating racial equity