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Workshop – Cultivating Cross Racial Relationships – Antiracist Leadership

Antiracist Leadership Summit

Cultivating Cross Racial Relationships

“Leaders Who Co-Conspire Together, Transform Together”


Workshop Description

We continue to produce racially inequitable outcomes for our students, and our leaders are an untapped resource in our schools. For leaders of color, it can feel isolating and exhausting. What do you do? What conditions can better support your wellbeing and success? Maybe you are a white leader who wants to know: how do I show up, what do I say, and how do I better center the needs of BIPOC colleagues? 

Let’s find out together. In this workshop, participants will work to unpack their racial identities, understand how their racial background impacts their leadership, and plan how to better maintain co-conspirator professional relationships. Through the use of dialogue, reflections, discussion protocols, and action planning, you will return to your site with a plan to more effectively collaborate and co-conspire.

Leaders of color will register site/school teams (minimum 2 participants) and invite white colleagues to join them for the workshop. There will be time for both racial affinity group work as well as cross-racial planning and development.


Time & Date

April 26th, 2023
Portland, Oregon



In order to develop authentic, co-conspirator, and antiracist leadership practices, we will:

  • Build cross-racial solidarity

  • Define co-conspirator relationship set expectations

  • Unpack our racial identity as it relates to our leadership

  • Plan how to interrupt/refocus and manage resistance (internal and external?)

  • Action planning around a racial equity focal area



  1. Learning and Teaching While White
  2. What Happened When my School Started to Discuss White Supremacy Culture


Workshop Fee

$500 per school team of 2 (minimum)
$250 each additional participant from your site.

Includes breakfast, lunch, and book


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