I’m Launching my YouTube Channel

It’s official. Culturally Responsive Leadership now has a YouTube home. Guess what you can find there?

On my YouTube Channel, you can see video versions of my most popular blog posts, informal reflections, and hopefully a few interviews.

It’s took me a while to get to the point of launching a page, but truthfully I always have been in love with producing video content. I’ve always loved recording clips from special events, travels, and even making our own music videos. In a past life, I made socially conscious hip-hop music and we recorded a few videos ourselves.

So video and leadership reflections was an easy combination right?

My First Vlog

A few months into starting this website and blog, I created my first Vlog, about how to hire equity warriors.

I’m sure I spent way too many hours working on it but it was super fun. I had to put a pause on this. Even though I was excited about the  multi media side of this work, I knew that I wanted to I get more experience writing and dedicate myself to blogging. I decided to put the video on hold and just right. Well, 150,000 views later, some published articles, a chapter of a book in process, I have to say that writing was a good idea.

But, here’s the thing: folks aren’t spending hours reading blogs and news articles anymore!

Videos are Where It’s At

They are listening to podcasts and watching videos. Me included. So if I really want to share ideas with folks who are looking for ideas, it has to be in video form. Hence the YouTube page. The cool thing about video is that it forces me to be less scripted and be more comfortable. That usually means that I will be more authentic and we know that authenticity rules.

One of the reasons I was taking so long in getting into video, was that I felt like I didn’t have time to produce highly polished content. But that’s not that serious. Folks want to hear what you think, not judge your cinematography. After getting a new phone and a cool microphone attachment, I was ready to roll. I plan on shooting some simple videos with my phone uploading it pretty quickly and calling it a day.

A Principal in a Prius

Another interesting thing, that has happened organically have been recording these quick video reflections while I’m driving in my car. “A Principal in a Prius.” The story behind that is, it’s the only free time I really have. And honestly, I do a lot of thinking in my car so when I think out loud, why not hit the record button. I’m always driving to work, in between meetings, or home with work on my mind. So I figured that I could record a few of those, throw them up a Twitter and just open a conversation. Then I figured, shit, that’s a pretty creative and interesting idea. I know its rough and low budget, but yo, I’m a principal, not a professional youtuber!

Why not keep it going, and archive all of them in one place.

So, this is a long way of saying that I now have a YouTube channel, which is really just a space to throw up some video content and see where that goes. I’m excited to have another medium to talk shit, provoke minds, and build solidarity and this beautiful struggle.

Check it out here!