Antiracist Project Based Learning Workshop

We know we need to teach different, but what exactly and how? What does antiracist education look like in practice. Come find out at our next Antiracist Project Based Learning Workshop. Register here:


We know that changes are necessary in school and we must address systemic racism. But what does that look like in the classroom, in curriculum, and every day teaching. Folks who attend my foundational trainings often wonder what does antiracist teaching look like. What does it truly mean to center students of color and focus the learning of all students on social justice?

Through my teaching experience in schools dedicated to PBL, I often wondered where the social justice was at. I tried to find my own way and developed frameworks and tools that I hope to share with you. Later, as a Principal I was interested in how to align a school staff to leverage PBL with a focus on justice. I made some serious mistakes along the way and learned lots. This workshop is the product of that work.

I hope to create a space to learn, share, and actually plan. There will be opportunities to get feedback from other participants, and push us to deeper levels of instructional design. Ultimately, I want to connect people who are looking to bring back good teaching, and ensure that we are just doing PBL to make better robots. I want students to use PBL as a vehicle for engagement and social change. I hope you join us.

Register here:


  • Date/Time: 
    • 2 Saturdays
    • May 7th & 14th
    • 9:00am-12:00pm Pacific Time
  • Register here: 
  • Platform: Zoom
  • Cost:
    • $150 for participants
    • 20% discount for groups of 5 or more


  • Build community with a network of educators
  • Explore antiracism, abolitionist teaching, and deeper learning
  • Understand a framework for Culturally Responsive Curriculum Planning
  • Revise a current project plan or unit
  • Create a curricular resource for virtual learning
  • Consider structural and systemic changes needed to sustain this work

Target Audience

  • Classroom Teaches, Instructional Coaches and Leaders
  • Instructional Leadership Teams, Curriculum Creators


  1. “I got a lot of opportunities to connect to people across the country who were bursting with ideas and excitement. This was SO NEEDED!”
  2. Reflection and sharing cycles and use of the protocol were great. Collaborative work on the PBL doc was amazing!”
  3. I like the ease with which Joe moved from sharing screen and playing music to having us share in the chat and share with a dyad etc. multiple ways to have conversations and connect with different folks”
  4. I felt like right off the bat I was in a space with like-minded educators so that was great and just diving right into the heart of it”
  5. “The breakout rooms were a great way to feel connected. There was plenty of time for rich conversation.”