Interrupting Microaggressions Workshop

Microaggressions are everywhere. The classroom, the office, and on the street. They create small cracks in our psyche, that slowly break us down. Let’s do something about them!


Date: Saturday, April 2nd
Time: 9am-12pm PST
Cost: $75 (20% off for groups of 5 or more)
Format: Zoom with supporting apps



This will be the 3rd time I have offered this learning opportunity, now reaching over 200 people. This workshop will provide an overview of microaggressions and situate them within our soci0-historical context. Participants will use a unique tool to practice interrupting them when they are said, and consider how to set the conditions to prevent microaggressions. Our learning is designed for educators, non profit folks, as well as people in the private sector. Come solo or with your whole crew. You will get a chance to build community with folks from across the country, who are committed to reflection and action. 


  • Understand various forms of microaggressions
  • Become more skilled at unpacking the racist/sexist messages within microaggressions
  • Practice interrupting and redirecting microaggressions
  • Discuss ways to proactively create conditions to prevent microaggressions

Feedback from Past Attendees

“The role playing was incredible. Very uncomfortable and difficult but enlightening.”
“I appreciated the tool for conversation”\
“I want to share this crossroads activity with my school, tomorrow.”\
“Now that I am well aware what a microaggression is and the impact, I am committed to think carefully before I question or make a comment to one of my students or colleagues:”
“Noticing and stopping microaggressive behaviors in myself and others.”


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